Episode 9-Supply, Demand, and Why Things Are Banned

February 24, 2017

Why do politicians try to ban things they don't like?  Moreover, why do so many people think that banning things is an effective way to change other people's behavior?  This week, we explain why banning things just doesn't work and why you should instead focus on reducing demand for the thing you don't like. We explore three specific political topics that relate to this supply and demand problem.  Here are some graphs to help you visualize what we mean when we're talking about reducing supply or demand for something.


Episode 8-It’s Game Time

February 13, 2017

In this episode, we tackle one of the most pressing first world problems challenging game theory scholars today.  To do this, we break down what Game Theory is and dive into one of its more well-known manifestations, the Prisoner's Dilemma.  In case you're not familiar with Prisoner's Dilemma, here's a great example.  We hope you enjoy!


Episode 7-Congressional Term Limits

January 30, 2017

We can all agree that Congress is ineffective and dysfunctional, right? So let's kick out all those greedy career politicians and get some new people in there and everything will be fixed! Yeah...about that...we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but term limits might not be the magic potion to solve all of the problems we have with Congress. We explain why in this episode!


Episode 6-The Best Purchase I’ve Ever Made

January 19, 2017

Welcome back! In our first episode of the new year, we talk about individual purchases that have changed our lives! From minor household appliances to major tech gadgets, these things can seriously change your daily life for the better. What are your most life-changing purchases? Do you agree with any of ours? Let us know! 


Episode 5-Our Star Wars Holiday Special

December 26, 2016

Here is our belated Christmas present to you! We address a couple lingering questions from our Christmas talk and then we talk in depth about Rogue One (there are spoilers ahead, you've been warned!). What did you think of Rogue One? Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Who were your favorite and least favorite characters and scenes? Any ideas for future Star Wars standalone films? Let us know!


Episode 4-A Christmas Story

December 6, 2016

The guys finish up the Electoral College talk and move on to talking about the Christmas season.  How early is too early for holiday decorations and when is it officially okay to start listening to Christmas music?  Tune in for our thoughts on that, as well as a bit at the end on our favorite Christmas music/movies/traditions!


Episode 3-Fixing the Electoral College

November 27, 2016

In this episode, the guys finish up talking about the Electoral College. They explore different ways to reform/abolish it, including: only using the national popular vote, states pledging electors to the national popular vote winner, and Bobby's plan for proportional(ish) allocation of electoral votes with a bonus for the national popular vote winner.

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Episode 2-Attack of the Electors

November 27, 2016

Bobby and Brad start their discussions about the electoral college, looking at how it functions, but also talking about the petition for electors to alter their votes, found here: bit.ly/2g111IN  Tune in to hear their thoughts about the pros and cons to doing this.

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Episode 1-Welcome to our Podcast

November 26, 2016

This podcast is a commentary that seeks to shed light on all sorts of issues in a fun, engaging way! We'll dive into a variety of topics, from politics to economics to whatever is going on in the world and might be of interest! We hope you enjoy!

In this episode: Get to know Bobby and Brad, why the "fool's gold" name, and what our first few episodes will be about.

If you have any feedback, please email us at bobbyandbradpodcast@gmail.com